Services We Offer

Boundary Survey

A Boundary Survey is the establishment or verification of lines and corners of a parcel as described in Record Deed descriptions.“Boundary Surveys are generally based upon research of public records. At that time a field survey is made which establishes or verifies boundary corners and lines. A Record of Survey is then prepared and filed with the appropriate County Auditor or Clerk’s Office.

Platting, Subdivisions & Boundary Line Adjustments

When subdividing property or adjusting record boundary lines, a survey is generally required by most counties and cities in Washington and Oregon. Each city and county has established codes that outline the Subdivision-Boundary Line Adjustment process.

Topographic Survey

A Topographic Survey is generally used for design and development. On most topographic surveys, contours depicting not only the horizontal, but the vertical location or slope of the land is shown as well. Other features such as utilities, building, fences, etc. are often shown on a topographic map.


Timberland Surveys are necessary when a timber harvest is proposed along or near a property boundary. These are considered Boundary Surveys and involve the establishment or identification of lines and corners as described in record deed descriptions. We consider boundaries associated with timber harvests in Washington and Oregon to be our specialty.

Expert Witness

Expert Witness Testimony is necessary when the need for litigation concerning property boundaries arises. In this capacity, the Surveyor performs three functions. First, the Surveyor identifies, introduces, and authenticates documents and other information relevant to the properties involved in the dispute. Second, the Surveyor explains the relevancy of specific information and how it is used to establish the position of the property boundaries being disputed. Third, the surveyor provides a conclusion: an ultimate opinion on the location of boundaries or other related matters.